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Your team of psychological specialists in the north west

We provide easily accessible psychology sessions via Telehealth, Telephone, and In-Person to support you through all of life's challenges. 

Calm Culture

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Empathy & Kindness

Our entire team, from administration to clinical staff, operates with empathy and kindness, emphasising active listening, understanding, and collaboration. From initial contact to treatment completion, we ensure each individual feels heard, cared for, and respected.

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We prioritize genuine, honest communication and diligently strive to match each individual with the ideal psychologist, actively welcoming feedback to enhance our services. Honesty fosters sincere connections, which are fundamental to our values and deeply cherished.

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We believe that the best way to improve the future is to learn in the present. To support this, we are committed to fostering an environment of curiosity and lifelong learning within our practice, encouraging continuous personal and professional growth.

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Our core values of empathy and kindness guide our interactions not only with clients but also within our team, fostering a deeply caring and supportive professional environment that nurtures mutual respect and collaboration.


About Us

Personalised Care by Expert Psychologists

Calm Consultants features a team of accredited, professional psychologists with local ties and practical communication. Each member specialises in unique therapeutic approaches, ensuring personalised, empowering, and understanding care.

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Discover how Calm Consultants can support your journey. Explore our services and find the right solutions for you on our services page


Join the Calm Consultants team and make a meaningful difference. Visit our "Join our Team" page to explore opportunities and apply today.

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Have questions or need assistance? Contact us today to get the support you need or to learn more about our services.

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Tailored Care from Skilled Psychologists

Discover the benefits of personalised care from our expert psychologists at Calm Consultants, designed to meet your unique mental health needs. Click below to sign up and get started.

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